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Integration Possibilities of the Ignisign Solution


This document is designed to serve as a comprehensive guide for integrating the Ignisign Solution into various platforms and applications.

Ignisign, offers a wide range of functionalities to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and developers. Whether you're looking to incorporate electronic signatures into your existing workflow, enhance the security of your digital documents, or streamline your organization's approval processes, this guide will walk you through the integration possibilities that Ignisign provides. Our aim is to bridge the gap between technical professionals and the general public by delivering a detailed yet accessible overview of Ignisign's integration capabilities.

Embeded or By-Side Integration

IgniSign offers two primary modes to integrate Signature Sessions with your application: Embedded and By-Side.

These modes are designed to cater to diverse user needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in document signing processes.

The signature session is launched directly into your application.

Embedded Integration allows you to seamlessly incorporate IgniSign's signing interface directly into your application or website. This method provides a cohesive user experience, as signers do not need to leave your platform to complete their signatures.

Key Features:

  • Seamless User Experience: Keeps users within your application environment throughout the signing process.
  • Customization: Offers opportunities to tailor the look and feel to match your branding, enhancing brand consistency.
  • Direct Control: Enables direct control over the signing workflow, allowing for customized user interactions.

More operationnal explanations about the integration of the signature process into your application are available in the Embedding signature into your application section.

The signature session is fully managed by IgniSign.
Emails are sent to the signers to invite them to sign documents.
All interactions with the signers are managed by IgniSign.


Integration of the Signature Sessions is not the same things that the integration of your backend throw API.

Integration of your backend is mostly used to create Signature Requests and to retrieve their status.

Integration of Signature Sessions is used to integrate the signature process into your front-end application.

Ignisign SDK and API Endpoints

At the heart of Ignisign's integration capabilities are its Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These tools are designed to facilitate seamless integration into your existing systems, regardless of the complexity or scale of your project.

Ignisign SDKs

SDK - Frontend Integration

Embed the Signature into your application

Defined into the signature profile you have defined into the Signature Profile you use, you can integrate Ignisign By-Side or Embedded.

If you choose the Embedded mode, Ignisign manage the whole signature process for you.

If you choose the By-Side integration mode, you can Integrate Ignisign into your application.
To do that, we privide you with 3 front-end SDKs that could be used to help you integrate easily Ignisign into your application.

iOS Integration

This SDK allows you to easily integrate Ignisign with your iOS application.
More information Here

Android Integration

This SDK allows you to easily integrate IgniSign with your Android application.
More information Here

Web Integration

This SDK allows you to integrate Ignisign with your WebApp.
More information Here

SDKs - Backend Integration

We have different solution to integrate IgnSign with your backend.
Depending the language and the technology you use, you can choose the way that match the best your requirement whithin the following methods


We profide a feature rich API, well documented and easy to integrate.
The documentation is available here


We provide a SDK NodeJS that allow you to integrate Ignisign into your NodeJS application.
The SDK is available here

Open API

We provide an Open API description of our API.
This allow you to generate your own SDK in the language you want.
The Open API description is available here

Postman library

We provide a Postman library that allow you to test our API.
The Postman library is available here

Ignisign offers SDKs for various programming environments, ensuring that you can work in the language you're most comfortable with. Each SDK provides a set of methods corresponding to Ignisign's API endpoints, simplifying the process of integrating signature functionalities into your applications.

  • Node.js SDK: Ideal for server-side applications, the Node.js SDK allows developers to interact with Ignisign's APIs directly from their Node.js applications.
  • Browser JS SDK: For client-side integrations, the Browser JS SDK enables the embedding of Ignisign's signature functionalities directly into web pages, enhancing the user experience without leaving your site.
  • Open API: The Open API documentation provides a comprehensive overview of all available API endpoints, allowing for custom integrations in any programming language that supports HTTP requests.

API Endpoints

Ignisign's API endpoints cover a wide range of functionalities, from user and organization management to signature request processing. The API Documentation provides detailed information on each endpoint, including required parameters and example requests/responses.

  • User and Organization Management: Manage users, roles, and organizations within your Ignisign account programmatically. This is crucial for large-scale deployments where manual management is impractical.
  • Signature Request Processing: Create and manage signature requests, retrieve signature statuses, and download signed documents. These endpoints are the backbone of the Ignisign integration, enabling automated workflows for document signing.
  • Webhooks: Configure webhooks to receive real-time notifications about events within your Ignisign account, such as signature request completions. The Webhooks section provides guidance on setting up and handling webhook events.

Integration Examples

To help you get started, Ignisign provides a repository of integration examples on GitHub. These examples demonstrate practical applications of the Ignisign SDKs and APIs, offering a valuable resource for developers looking to implement specific functionalities.

Advanced Features

Ignisign also supports advanced integration features, such as:

  • Full Privacy Mode: For applications requiring the highest level of document confidentiality, Ignisign's Full Privacy mode ensures that documents are signed without being stored or accessed by Ignisign servers.
  • Customizable Signer Interface: Tailor the signing experience to match your brand by customizing the signer interface, including logos, colors, and language support.

Integrating Ignisign into your applications opens up a world of possibilities for streamlining document workflows, enhancing document security, and providing a seamless user experience. This guide has outlined the core components of Ignisign's integration capabilities, from SDKs and APIs to advanced features and practical examples.

For further exploration of Ignisign's features and integration possibilities, we invite you to explore the Quick Start Guide, delve into the Core Concepts, and experiment with the SDKs and Integrations.