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Ignisign Features

Ignisign is a rich featured solution that allow you to manage your signature process with a fine grained control.
Hereunder, you will find a list of the main features of Ignisign.

Users & Organisation Management

Manage Users and Organisation without limits and completely under your sole control
Unlimited Platform Users

With a fine grained access management.

Unlimited Signers

Kept under your sole control.

Unlimited Organizations

To match your billing needs.

Unlimited Applications

To match your technical needs.

More information about Organization & Application
More information about Users and Roles

Signers Interface Customization

Customize the Signers interface to your own branding

Ignisign allow you to customize the end-user interface to your own branding.

Customize Logo
Customize Colors
Manage Signers that speak different languages
Signature Management Application

An Application to manage Integrations and Signature Processes

Ignisign has been creating to be "Integrable" First.
But, It's also a very good tool that allow you to manage your signature process individually, operated by employees.

Integrator Mode

Display all you need to integrate IgniSign into your application.
More information Here

Operator Mode

Only Display what operator needs to manage Signature Processes.
More information Here

Signature Profiles

Define the Signature Process that match your needs

The Signature profile is one of the Cornerstone of IgniSign.

It's allow you to define with precision the Signature Process you want to use.

Choose Document Type
Pdf, Templated Data, Images, .docx, .zip ...
Choose Signature Level
Simple Electronic, Advanced Digital or Qualified Digital
Choose Authentications
Simple, SMS, PassKey, TOTP, eID
Choose Identifications
eId, Live Video, Api Banking, SSN, Delegated
Choose Languages

End-user interface are internationalized. You can choose the language you want to display to your end-user.
Available in English, French, German.

Add Statements

You can add statements that have to be validated (checked) by the signers to be able to sign into a signature session.
The statements could be attached to a documents or global to the signature session.


Into the Signature Management Application you can use
the Signature Profile Configurator to create your signature profile.

This configurator ease the creation of your signature profile
by providing you a simple interface to create your signature profile.


Price - Legally Binding - Complexity to integrate.

During the creation of your signature profile,
an helper is available to help you to choose the right signature level for your needs.

More information about Signature Profile Here

Signature Probative Value Level

Select The Signature Level that match your needs
Simple Electronic Signature (SES)

A simple electronic signature to implement, but with a limited legal value.

Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)

A signature that verify the identity of the signers. It is legally binding.

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) - Coming soon

A signature that verify the identity of the signers and with the hightest legally binding possible in the European Union.

More information: Here

Sign Different Type of Document

Do not sign only PDFs, but all documents that can be signed

IgniSign allow you to sign different type of documents. You can sign PDF, but also other type of documents like .docx, .xlsx, .avi, .zip, etc.

Sign PDF

You can sign PDF documents. You can sign PDF documents without needing to add signature placeholders into the document.
Just place the PDF document into the signature request through API or with to console without editing it.

Sign PDF Encrypted

You can sign PDF documents that are encrypted, and also sign PDF that are blocked for editing!
Protected in writing or reading, with or without password

Sign Docx

Sign Docx like PDF documents. You can sign Docx documents without needing to add signature placeholders into the document.

Sign Images

Sign Images like PDF documents.

Sign Private File
Sign documents securely, knowing Ignisign does not access their content

You can sign document in a full privacy mode.
Ignisign will just process the signature without having access to the document content.
This feature is patent pending. More Information

Sign Data

You can sign raw data. You can sign raw data or use a template to display them to the signer.
You can also use the data to generate a PDF or HTML document that will be signed by the signers.

Sign Other Files

You can also any kind of documents like .avi, .zip, .mp3, etc.

More information about Documents Here

Document Templates

Display data to signers or add parameters to documents to be signed
Display Data to Signers

To Easy the understanding of what they sign

Parameterize Documents

Easily personalize PDF from the context of signature

Render as a Picture

To render directly on the end-user interface

render as a PDF

If you need a printable document

Document Template Studio Integrated

IgniSign has an internal tool, that let you create templates that will be used to display the data to the signers.

More information about Document Templates Here

Identification of Signers

Identify signers in different way

Identification is the process that allow you to verify the identity of the signer.
You can use different methods to identify your signers.
The identification available depends on the signature level you have chosen.

Video Onboarding

Use a video onboarding identification to identify your signers.

Open Banking

Use the Open banking "Access to Account" identification to identify your signers.
Your signer are invited to connect to their bank account to prove their identity.


Use your european eID to identify your signers.


Use your US Social Security Number to identify your signers.

Delegated Identification
Avoid re-identifying signers if you possess a robust internal identification mechanism

More information about Identifications Here

Authentication of Recurrent Signers

Authenticate recurrent signers to avoid to identify them at each signature session

Ones the signer is identified, if you want to allow the signer to sign several times,
you can define authentication methods that will allow him to sign without identify him again.

Advanced and Qualified Digital Signature
Advanced and Qualified Digital Signature
Advanced and Qualified Digital Signature
Advanced and Qualified Digital Signature
Simple Electronic Signature
Delegated Authentication
One of two authentication factors in embedded integration

More information about Authentications Here

Delegation Of Identification

Avoid re-identifying signers if you have an robust internal identification mechanism

Some companies and organizations have a strong internal identification process to identify their signers.
In this case, identify again these signers deteriorates the user experience.

We allow these companies to identify the signers by their own internal mechanism.
This delegation is conditioned to Agreements between IgniSign and the Organization.

Delegation For Advanced Digital Signature

Based on a bi-lateral contract between your company and IgniSign.
No additional cost will be charged.

Delegation For Qualified Digital Signature

The Whole Qualified Digital Signature process must be audited.
So, we need to includes you in our certification process.
Your process process will be subject to an audit.
Some additional cost can be charged.

More information about the Delegations of Identification

Manage your Signers in your sole control

Take Full Command of Your Signing Parties
Signers are exclusively on your sole control

Your users are your users

Segregated by Organizations, Applications and Environments

Toi maintain consistency with your system

Declare easily signers

Easy to Manage, through the Signature Management Application or the API.

One-off or Recurrent signer

Signers could be defined to be used just for one signature session or for several signature session.
Depending of this choice we will optimize their User Experience by enabling authentication mechanism if needed.

Upload bulk of signers

Easily upload signers from a .xlsx file.

More information about Signers Here

Signature Request

Define what you want to be signed
One or multiple documents
One or multiple signers
Avoid signature sequence
All signers can sign in the same time, avoid to wait that the previous one has signed
Manage Co-signers
Ask to documents to thirst parties
Sign Individually or Together
You can choose to make signers signing the documents individually or all together

More information about Signers Here

SDKs - Backend Integration

We have different solution to integrate IgnSign with your backend.
Depending the language and the technology you use, you can choose the way that match the best your requirement whithin the following methods


We profide a feature rich API, well documented and easy to integrate.
The documentation is available here


We provide a SDK NodeJS that allow you to integrate Ignisign into your NodeJS application.
The SDK is available here

Open API

We provide an Open API description of our API.
This allow you to generate your own SDK in the language you want.
The Open API description is available here

Postman library

We provide a Postman library that allow you to test our API.
The Postman library is available here

Example repository
A full example repository is available here

Coming soon: SDK Java, Php and Python.

SDK - Frontend Integration

Embed the Signature into your application

Defined into the signature profile you have defined into the Signature Profile you use, you can integrate Ignisign By-Side or Embedded.

If you choose the Embedded mode, Ignisign manage the whole signature process for you.

If you choose the By-Side integration mode, you can Integrate Ignisign into your application.
To do that, we privide you with 3 front-end SDKs that could be used to help you integrate easily Ignisign into your application.

iOS Integration

This SDK allows you to easily integrate Ignisign with your iOS application.
More information Here

Android Integration

This SDK allows you to easily integrate IgniSign with your Android application.
More information Here

Web Integration

This SDK allows you to integrate Ignisign with your WebApp.
More information Here

Example repository
A full example repository is available here


We provide you with a full featured Webhooks management administration console.

Webhook Management Platform
Fine Grained Events
Multiple Endpoints per environments
Enable/Disable Endpoints
Replay Events of the events is also available
Full History

More Information about Webhooks Here

Signature Session

When end users sign documents

The signature session is the moment where the signers will sign the documents.

By-Side Integration
Let IgniSign manages the interaction with signers
Embedded Integration
Integrate the signature process into your application
Available in English, French, and German
Dark Mode / Light Mode
Adapt the user interface to your own branding

The signers can sign the documents all at the same time. This way avoid to have to wait for the signers to sign one after the other.

Signature Proofs

All you need to prove signatures
The Signature Proof Internet Page

A page available that make all you need easily available.
This page could be configurated in a Restricted Access mode, or in a Sharable access mode

The Signature Proof Document
a human readable document that can be easily transmitted to stakeholders
Advanced proof of signature
Xades / Asic-E ...
Cryptographical certificates that are linked to the signatures
Validation of documents
a easy to use validator that help you to verify documents

More information about Signature Proofs Here

PKI & Certificates
Short Term certificate
Nominative certificate
Application grade certificate
Audited PKIs
Strict Segregation per Applications - Environments - Levels of Signature
Sign Private Document
Sign documents securely, knowing Ignisign does not access their content
Generate easily signature proofs on your infrastructure

More information about Full Privacy Here

Billing Policy
No upfront cost
Online Billing
Offline Billing
For corporates and big companies
Pay as you Sign
Development not billed
Cost Effective
No Cost of Signers / Platform Users