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Users & Organisation Management

Manage Users and Organisation without limits and completely under your sole control
Unlimited Platform Users

With a fine grained access management.

Unlimited Signers

Kept under your sole control.

Unlimited Organizations

To match your billing needs.

Unlimited Applications

To match your technical needs.

Organizations of ignisign accounts are structured as a tree. Each organization can have multiple applications and each application can have multiple environments. Each environment can have multiple signature profiles.

Users can have several organizations. You can invite others users to your organization or applications.

  • Organizations: Organization are related to a company or a group of people.

    • It's a billing unit, so you cannot separate the billing of two applications in the same organization.
      If it's your needs, you need to create two organizations.
    • Regarding Delegation of Authentication and Identification, the process of enrollment is managed at this level

  • Applications: Application are related to a software or a service.
    Each application has 3 environments: DEVELOPMENT, STAGING and PRODUCTION.

    • Signers cannot be shared between applications nor environments.
    • Signature Profiles cannot be shared between applications nor environments.
    • Api Keys are unique by applications and environments.