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Signature Profiles

Define the Signature Process that match your needs

The Signature profile is one of the Cornerstone of IgniSign.

It's allow you to define with precision the Signature Process you want to use.

Choose Document Type
Pdf, Templated Data, Images, .docx, .zip ...
Choose Signature Level
Simple Electronic, Advanced Digital or Qualified Digital
Choose Authentications
Simple, SMS, PassKey, TOTP, eID
Choose Identifications
eId, Live Video, Api Banking, SSN, Delegated
Choose Languages

End-user interface are internationalized. You can choose the language you want to display to your end-user.
Available in English, French, German.

Add Statements

You can add statements that have to be validated (checked) by the signers to be able to sign into a signature session.
The statements could be attached to a documents or global to the signature session.


Into the Signature Management Application you can use
the Signature Profile Configurator to create your signature profile.

This configurator ease the creation of your signature profile
by providing you a simple interface to create your signature profile.


Price - Legally Binding - Complexity to integrate.

During the creation of your signature profile,
an helper is available to help you to choose the right signature level for your needs.

At IgniSign, we want to provide a signature mechanism that matches the needs of companies.

These companies are very diverse, and their needs are also very diverse. The real balance is to find the right experiences for the signers and the right legal value for the signature, all at a good price!

To achieve this, we have created the concept of Signature Profiles.


A Signature Profile is a set of parameters that defines the signature mechanism that will be used when you create Signature Requests

Because parameters influence the possibilities of each others, Signature Profiles can only be created into IgniSign Console.

It defines the following elements:

  • The Document Type that can be signed.
  • The Integration Mode
  • The Legally Binding value of the signature.
  • The Signer Identification Mechanism that will be available.
  • The Signer Authentication Mechanism that will be available.
  • The Language used during the signature session and if it can be changed.
  • The Availability of Statements that could be linked to a document or to the whole signature session during the Signature Request creation.

All these parameters influence deeply the signature mechanism and the user experience. During the creation of your signature profile, we show you some KPIs that will help you to choose the right parameters.


When you archiving a signature profile (set status to ARCHIVED), the signature requests that have be initialized with this signature profile are still available and signable.