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Signature Proofs

All you need to prove signatures
The Signature Proof Internet Page

A page available that make all you need easily available.
This page could be configurated in a Restricted Access mode, or in a Sharable access mode

The Signature Proof Document
a human readable document that can be easily transmitted to stakeholders
Advanced proof of signature
Xades / Asic-E ...
Cryptographical certificates that are linked to the signatures
Validation of documents
a easy to use validator that help you to verify documents

Signature proofs serve as evidence of the signing process's authenticity and integrity.

Depending if the type of the document signed, the signature proofs are different.

Category of Signable Document.

The ignisign solution does not allow to only sign PDF, it is able to sign all kind of documents. We optimize the reading of the signature proofs depending on the type of the document signed and the capability to render files as a PDF.

  • PDF and Encrypted PDF : This is a PDF document that can be signed.
    We also manage the case of encrypted PDF document as well as it is protected in writing or reading.
  • Image convertible to PDF : This is an image that can be inserted into a PDF document (.png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff)
  • Doc and Docx : This is a Microsoft Word document that can be signed.
  • File enabled for preview : This is a file that can be previewed. Currently we manage: .bib, .doc, .xml, .docx, .fodt, .html, .ltx, .txt, .odt, .ott, .pdb, .pdf, .psw, .rtf, .sdw, .stw, .sxw, .uot, .vor, .wps, .epub, .png, .bmp, .emf, .eps, .fodg, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .met, .odd, .otg, .pbm, .pct, .pgm, .ppm, .ras, .std, .svg, .svm, .swf, .sxd, .sxw, .tif, .tiff, .xhtml, .xpm, .odp, .fodp, .potm, .pot, .pptx, .pps, .ppt, .pwp, .sda, .sdd, .sti, .sxi, .uop, .wmf, .csv, .dbf, .dif, .fods, .ods, .ots, .pxl, .sdc, .slk, .stc, .sxc, .uos, .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .odg, .dotx, .xltx
  • Other Files : This is a file that is not in one of the previous list.
  • Data with Template : This is a data that is rendered with a Ignisign Document Template.
  • Raw Data : This is a data that is not rendered with a Ignisign Document Template.
  • Private File : This is a file that are managed through the "Full Privacy" mode of Ignisign.

file formats

Signature proofs element availables:

  • The Signature Proof Document
    This is the document that will be used in the most of the case to prove the signature. There are 1 signature proof document per document signed.
    This document is a PDF document that contains:

    • The original content of the document, or a preview or a reference to the document, depending of the category of document.
    • A summary page of signatures with all the references to the document signed.l
    • All the pages of the document are linked with a "cryprographic binder" that ensure the integrity of the document.
  • The Signature Proof Internet Page
    This is a page that is available on the internet and that can be used to prove the signature.
    This page containts all the information and links that related to the global signature proof process.
    A QR code on the Signature page provide the link to this page.

  • The Certificates
    This is the certificate related to ke cryptographic key that has sign the document.
    This certificate is different depending on the Signature Level used.

    • Simple Electronic Signature : This is a certificate that is common to all signature processed into the application and the environment.
    • Advanced & Qualified Digital Signature : This is a certificate that is individual per signer. This is a short term certificate that is renewed to each signature session.
  • A Xades Signature File
    This is a Xades signature file. This file represent technically the signature.
    This signature is individual per document.

  • A Asic Signature File
    This is a Asic-E Container. This file contains mainly the original document signed and the Xades file.
    In case of litigation, this is the file to provide to authorities
    This signature is individual per document.

  • The Signature Picture
    This is a representation of the signature in image format. This image ins individual per signer and per document.

  • The Signature QR Code
    This is A QR code image that contains the link to the Signature Proof Internet Page.

Document available when a signature request is completed

Hereunder a summary of the file available to stakeholders when the documents are signed. These documents depend on the signed document format:

Signed document formatOriginal fileSignature Proof DocumentZip file (Proof + File)Advanced ProofCertificatesSignature QR code linkSignature Picture
(Per Signer)
PDF and Encrypted PDFFull DocumentWith full contentNoAsic-EYesYesYes
Image convertible to PDFFull DocumentWith full contentNoAsic-EYesYesYes
Doc and DocxFull DocumentWith full contentNoAsic-EYesYesYes
File enabled for previewFull DocumentWith a PreviewNoAsic-EYesYesYes
Other FilesFull DocumentWith a ReferenceYesAsic-EYesYesYes
Data with TemplateRendered TemplateWith full contentNoAsic-EYesYesYes
Data without TemplateRaw DataWith a ReferenceYesAsic-EYesYesYes
Private FileNot availableRaw Summary (*)NoXadesYesYesYes

(*) Remark about the integrability of the private file in the signature proof document: We can provide you with a docker image that could be executed into your infrastructure that could manage the merge of your private file with the signature page summary. Contact Us for more information

Signature Validation

Into the Signature Proof Internet Page, a section is available allowing stakeholders to validate the signature.
They can upload an original file, and the system will check if this file is the one that has been signed.

Signature Proof Access Mangement

You can define the access management of the signature proof document into the signature profile.
You have the choice between 2 options:

  • SHARABLE : the signature proof document is available to all stakeholders that have the link to the signature proof document.
  • RESTRICTED : the signature proof document is available only to Signers and Platform Users that are allowed to view Signature Proof into your organization. More information

When you define the signature Request that will provide the signature proofs, you can define several email address that will be notified when the signature proofs are available.

If the signature proof access management is RESTRICTED, the email could only be only Platform User that have the right to see the signature proof. If the signature proof access management is SHARABLE, the email could be any email address.