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Signature Request

Define what you want to be signed
One or multiple documents
One or multiple signers
Avoid signature sequence
All signers can sign in the same time, avoid to wait that the previous one has signed
Manage Co-signers
Ask to documents to thirst parties
Sign Individually or Together
You can choose to make signers signing the documents individually or all together

Signature Requests are the primary method to initiate the signing process on the IgniSign platform.
Users can easily create a signature request using the IgniSign Console Or through API.

The process involves selecting a Signature Profile, entering a title and description, providing signer information, and uploading documents to be signed.
The Signer can also ask for a document to someone else (Document Request principle),
or associate some statements to a document or globally to a signature request( the signer need to check these statements before be able to sign the document).

Once the request is created:

Create a Signature Request

You can create a signature request using the Ignisign Console or through the API.

Signature Request Creation Api Life Cycle

You can find below a sequence diagram that describe the signature request creation process.

API calls used to create Signature Requests

Global Signature Request calls

Signers related api calls

Document related calls