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Signature Session

When end users sign documents

The signature session is the moment where the signers will sign the documents.

By-Side Integration
Let IgniSign manages the interaction with signers
Embedded Integration
Integrate the signature process into your application
Available in English, French, and German
Dark Mode / Light Mode
Adapt the user interface to your own branding

The signers can sign the documents all at the same time. This way avoid to have to wait for the signers to sign one after the other.

Signature sessions are an integral part of the IgniSign electronic signature platform. When a user initiates a signature request, the recipient receives an email inviting them to sign the provided document. Upon clicking the link in the email, the recipient is redirected to the signature page, marking the beginning of a signature session. This session ensures that the signer has a seamless experience while signing the document. The session's integration mode can either be "By Side," where IgniSign manages the entire process, or "Embedded," where the signature process is integrated directly into the user's application. The choice of integration mode can be defined in the Signature Profile.

During the signature session, a Identification Session and An Authentication Registration Session can be Initialized if the signer does not match the requierement regarding the claims of the signature profile.
This mechanism is fully managed by Ignisign, You don't have anything to do on this part.

Once this first phase is finished, the signer is invited to review documents, check statements, and sign the document.
If an Authentication is required, the signer will be invited to authenticate himself before being able to sign the document.
Once finalized, a confirmation is provided to the signer, and the signature session is closed.

If the signature mechanism failed(unexpected error - should not happens), the signature session is closed and the signer is invited to retry the signature session. the signatures session is set as FAILED and a webhook is triggered