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Manage your Signers in your sole control

Take Full Command of Your Signing Parties
Signers are exclusively on your sole control

Your users are your users

Segregated by Organizations, Applications and Environments

Toi maintain consistency with your system

Declare easily signers

Easy to Manage, through the Signature Management Application or the API.

One-off or Recurrent signer

Signers could be defined to be used just for one signature session or for several signature session.
Depending of this choice we will optimize their User Experience by enabling authentication mechanism if needed.

Upload bulk of signers

Easily upload signers from a .xlsx file.

Signers are the people who will sign the documents.

  • You do not share your signers, and related due diligence you have done with them with other IgniSign clients!

    Signers are segregated by applications and environments.
    So, if you have 2 applications, the same person will be two different signer.

  • The Same signer can sign Signature Request that are related to different Signature Profile

  • Signers have claims. Claims are the information that have to be "verified" to be able to sign the document.

  • Some Claims are related to the identification, others to the authentication.

  • Signature Profiles define the claims that are needed to sign the document.

  • When signers launch a Signature Session , Identification or Authentication Registration could be prompted to the signer to VERIFY or DECLARE some claims needed to properly sign the documents

To create a signer that match requirements of a Signature Profiles , you have to create a signer with the good inputs (to declare the related claims).
To know which inputs are needed, you can use the API call Get Signer Creation Constraints This information is also available in the IgniSign Console, in the Signature Profiles section.
If you have a signer that is already created, but need to add some inputs, you can update it with the API call Update Signer.

This principle of claims could be a little bit complex to understand, but it's one of the key elements that allow IgniSign to be able to sign.

Globally you do not have to manage it, IgniSign do it for You.