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Users Roles and Rights

Users of the Ignisign platform

Users of the ignisign platforms are regrouped into two categories:

  • The Platform Users that are the users of the Ignisign's Signature Manager application.
  • The End-Users that are the users that interact with your application.

Whole users, Platform Users and End-Users, are under your own sole control.


Strict Segregation of Users including Signers

Users are not shared within applications and organizations.

Your Users are your users.

So, if someone creates a signer with the same claims that one of your signer, he will be considered as another signer in its own environment.

  • Platform Users can have roles in different organizations and applications. Roles are cumulatives.
  • End User are strictly associated to an application and a environment. A End-User could also be a Platform User in its own organization or in others.

Ignisign Roles

Ignisign is a complete platforms that allows to manage signature at scale. So, the platform is organized around different roles that can be associated to a User.

Hereunder is the list of roles that can be associated to a user in the Ignisign Platform.

NameUser TypeDescription
Organization OwnerPlatform UserThey have the control on each elements of the organization, their members and their applications. They have the right to archive the organization.
Organization AdministratorPlatform UserThey have the control on each elements of the organization, their members and their applications. They don't have the right to archive the organization.
Organization BillingPlatform UserThey have the control on billing information of the organization, access to invoice and consumation of the API.
Organization ReaderPlatform UserThey are able to view summaries information of the organization and its applications. This right cannot be associated directly to a user. This right is associated to a user when he is added to an application that is under the control of the organization.
Application AdministatorPlatform UserThey have the control on each elements of the application, their members and their environments. They have the right to archive the application. They have right to manage settings and customisation of the application.
Application Environment Manager (Per Environment)Platform UserThey access to management features of the application in the environment where the right is assigrated. They can generate API Keys , link Webhooks endpoint, create Signature Profile, document templates ...
Application Operator (Per Environment)Platform UserThey are able to manage signature requests into the Ignisign Signature Manager Application. Basically, they are operator that are able to initiate Signature Request, Signers and manage the life-cycle of related signatures.
Application Reader (Per Environment)Platform UserThey can view signature proofs (restricted signature proofs too), signature requests and signer summary information.
SignersEnd-UserThe End-User that will sign the document. He only have access to : Its own data, The signatures sessions that are associated to him, The signatures proofs that are related to him.
Invited Proof ReadedEnd-UserAn End-User that own a link to access to a signature proof that have the access configuration set to SHARABLE. They can only view the signature proof.
Invited Document ProviderEnd-UserAn End-User that has been invited throw email to provide a document related to a signature request (Document Request Mechanism). They can provide a document that will be added to the signature request ones completed.

Ignisign Functions

Ignisign is functionnaly organized around main functions.

Hereunder is the list of Ignisign main functions regrouped by functional domain and component level.

Ignisign's FonctionComponent LevelFunctional Domain
Org. archivingOrganizationAdministrative
Org Member ManagementOrganizationAdministrative
Delegation AgreementOrganizationAdministrative
Org Basic InformationOrganizationAdministrative
App CustomizationApplicationAdministrative
App Members ManagementApplicationAdministrative
API KeysAppl. EnvironementManagement
WebhooksAppl. EnvironementManagement
Doc TemplateAppl. EnvironementManagement
Signature ProfileAppl. EnvironementManagement
Signature RequestSignature ProfileSignature
SignersSignature ProfileSignature
Signature SessionSignature ProfileSignature
Signature ProofSignature RequestSignature
Provide DocumentSignature RequestSignature

Component level: Represent the main component of the Ignisign Platform that is impacted by the function.

Functional Domain: Regroupement of functions by domain.

IgniSign role and rights management

As a user of the Ignisign Platform, you can have different roles and rights depending on the function you are using.

Hereunder is the list of rights associated to each Ignisign function by user.

Platform Users rights

Ignisign's FonctionOrg OwnerOrg AdminOrg. BillingOrg UserApp AdminApp Manager (Per Env)App Operator (Per Env)App Readed (Per Env)
Org. archivingRead/WriteNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Org Member ManagementRead/WriteRead/WriteNoNoNoNoNoNo
Delegation AgreementRead/WriteRead/WriteNoNoNoNoNoNo
Org Basic InformationRead/WriteRead/WriteReadReadNoNoNoNo
App CustomizationRead/WriteRead/WriteNoNoRead/WriteNoNoNo
App Members ManagementRead/WriteRead/WriteNoNoRead/WriteNoNoNo
API KeysRead + GenerateRead + GenerateNoNoRead + GenerateRead + GenerateNoNo
Doc TemplateRead/WriteRead/WriteNoNoRead/WriteRead/WriteReadRead
Signature ProfileRead/WriteRead/WriteNoNoRead/WriteRead/WriteReadRead
Signature RequestRead/WriteRead/WriteNoNoRead/WriteRead/WriteRead/WriteRead
SignersRead + InitRead + InitNoNoRead + InitRead + InitRead + InitRead
Signature SessionNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Signature Proof (Restricted)ReadReadNoNoReadReadReadRead
Signature Proof (Shared)ReadReadNoNoReadReadReadRead
Provide Document (Invited)NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo

End-Users rights

Ignisign's FonctionSignersInvited Proof ReadedInvited Document Provider
Org. archivingNoNoNo
Org Member ManagementNoNoNo
Delegation AgreementNoNoNo
Org Basic InformationNoNoNo
App CustomizationNoNoNo
App Members ManagementNoNoNo
API KeysNoNoNo
Doc TemplateNoNoNo
Signature ProfileNoNoNo
Signature RequestNoNoNo
Signature SessionExecutionNoNo
Signature Proof (Restricted)ReadNoNo
Signature Proof (Shared)ReadReadNo
Provide Document (Invited)NoNoProvide Document