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Your First Signature

The easiest way create your first signature is to use the IgniSign's Console.
To access to the Signature Request creation page click on "Signature Request" in the menu and then click on "Create Signature Request" button.

drawing      drawing

You are now invited to choose a Signature Profile. Choose the one you want and click on "Next" button.


Enter a Title and a Description, provide information for a Signer, provide a document to sign and click on the "Publish" button.

More information about Signature Requests possibilities is available here

As all integration mode defined in default signature profile is "By Side", an email is sent to the signer to invite him to sign the document you provide.

When the signer click on the link in the email, he is redirected to the signature page and a Signature Session begin.

More information about Integration Modes is available here
More information about Signature Session is available here

When all the signers have signed the document, the Signature Request is Finalized.

An email is sent to the signers to provide the link where they can download the signed document.