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Create a Signer



This endpoint creates a new signer or update an existing one.


Path Parameters

    appId stringrequired

    The application identifier which is used to identify the application used.

    appEnv stringrequired


    The execution environment of the application where request are executed.


The details to create a signer (IgnisignSigner_CreationRequestDto).

    signatureProfileId string

    The unique identifier of the signature profile that the signer must be compatible to. The signer could be compatible to multiple signature profiles if he match the claims required to be compatible with. more info:

    externalId string

    An external identifier that can be used to identify the signer. It's a reference that can be used to identify the signer in the external system. Ignisign does not use internally this field to identify the signer.

    firstName string

    The first name of the signer.

    lastName string

    The last name of the signer.

    email string

    The email address of the signer.

    phoneNumber E.164

    the phone number of the signer.

    nationality iso 3166-1 alpha-2

    The nationality of the signer.

    birthDate date

    the date of birth of the signer.

    birthPlace string

    the place of birth of the signer.

    birthCountry iso 3166-1 alpha-2

    the country of birth of the signer.


The created or upgraded signer.


    signerId stringrequired
    entityType IGNISIGN_SIGNER_ENTITY_TYPErequired

    Possible values: [NATURAL, LEGAL, VIRTUAL]

    the type of the signer entity - For the moment, only NATURAL is supported.

    authSecret string

    the secret that have to be used to authenticate the signer in an embedded integration mode